Why I Play Guitar – My journey…

By on 09/04/2014

“We love the guitar because it never lies to us. It always tells the truth… Even when we wish it wouldn’t.”
– Carlos GGS

Every day I wake up and feel this funny little itch in my fingers.

You know the one I’m talking about, right?

That feeling in your hands that says, I want to feel the cool bite of guitar strings under my fingers.

We never know what kind of day we’re going to have with this infernal instrument, either.

  • Will the notes flow out of us like water?
  • Will we move from chord to chord, or position to position – effortlessly?
  • Or is it a “fat finger” day…? When we can’t seem to sync our left and right hands worth a damn. We bend a note wrong or hit a dud note.

And our significant others still look at us like we’re crazy, going back to practice – again and again. Squeezing every precious minute we can with this other “love of our life.”

They’ll never understand, no matter how much we try to explain it.

“He never puts that damn thing down… It’s like he’s replacing me with a guitar.”

Once or twice, I have replaced a girlfriend with a guitar. Hey, the guitars are still here. SHE isn’t – and she wouldn’t have lasted. It was her mistake for trying to get between me and the addiction I have for music.

I started this site because of that love, that grand torture I put myself through every day to get the guitar to do my bidding. To be my voice. To explain the feelings that have no words.

I also wanted to finally help guys get what they really want: More results from their practicing with LESS effort.

My promise to you – my mission is that I will show you
how to DOUBLE your practice results in half the time.

You do the math…

Any way you spin that, it’s going to change the way you experience the guitar, and the way others experience your playing.

I started playing guitar when I was just a kid. I just needed something to ground me, to keep me from falling into the bullshit of my parent’s divorce.

My life changed because I sat in the back of my friend’s pickup truck, listening to a tape on my walkman of this 24 year old kid who made my heart sing – just listening to his playing made me whole again. It boggled my mind, and stirred my soul.

That guitarist was Randy Rhoads, and he inspired me in those few short years before he left us than anyone else has since. I’d never heard anything quite like his playing, and it’s still the reason I keep picking the guitar up. Doesn’t matter if I’m playing an acoustic ballad, or some blues, or shredding my fingers off. The emotion and melody I heard in his playing pushes me forward.

I’ve seen, experienced, and studied every one of these guys, from Clapton to Page to Malmsteen to Gilbert to Van Halen…

And Guitar became my best friend – my savior.

If you’ve ever dreamed like I have of being up on stage, picking my heart out on this instrument… then you’ve just found another friend.

I’ve spend thousands of hours, practicing scales, building pedal boards, rewiring and adjusting, reading reviews, studying tablature and sheet music to discover what made those Guitar Gods so magical.

And now I want to pass that along to you.

Let’s get started!

– Carlos GGS



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