From The Archives – Carlos Jamming!

By on 10/03/2014

Here’s a little blast from the past for you, back in the Land of Shred.

This video was taken in 2007 when I’d just restarted playing after a ten (maybe longer?) year break. And that’s not something I suggest any guitarist does, but it only served to improve my resolve to get even better this time around.

That Jackson Rhoads is one of my faves, and now I use it primarily for my Drop-D tuned stuff. (Heck of a lot easier to keep it there on one guitar than have to adjust a Floyd Rose for lower tension.)

Anyway, thought I’d throw this up as a little flashback to the days before the Guitar God Secrets became a reality…

(And yeah, I know the Star Spangled banner isn’t in that key… 😉

– Carlos GGS


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