Why You Should Stop Practicing Guitar Now

By on 11/06/2014

So you’ve been practicing like there’s no tomorrow. You’ve haven’t spent a minute apart from your axe, trying to master every lick, chord progression and riff your fingers can muster.

After all the time and effort you’ve put in, you probably feel confident that you’ve made some sizable progress.

All those months – or even years – have surely paid off, right?

Think again.

Just because you’ve been putting in the time to build your skills, it doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. There is such a thing as practicing BADLY, and it could be robbing of your precious time without even knowing it.

For all you know, you could have been focusing on all the wrong areas.

This isn’t just some possibility. I’ve seen other guitarists who’ve realized all too late that they’ve been down a path that will NEVER make them better.

Unless you’ve been devoting your practice sessions only towards what’s MUSICAL, you’ve probably wasted a considerable amount of your time too.

Easy Guitar Lessons

For all you know, you could be like those other aspiring players who’ve gotten so off-course that it’s affected their future as musicians.

But if you still want to improve your craft, you need to let go of those toxic practice habits that have been holding you back.

Just because you’ve gone down the wrong road doesn’t mean you can’t turn back today.

No matter how much time you’ve already lost, you still need to make the most of the time you STILL have to get better.

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