Easy Guitar Lessons – Double Stops

By on 01/29/2015

Here’s a cool electric guitar trick called double stops. In today’s lesson on how to play guitar, we’ll try a useful drill to help you know your way around the pentatonic scale.

In a nutshell, double stops happen when you play two notes at the same time – this is an essential skill for any new guitar player to learn. Usually, this is done in fourths as an interval and goes through one fret and a couple of strings. If you want to know how to learn guitar, you’ll need to get a handle on this specific technique because it will unlock all sorts of other skills in the future.

To expand your range of guitar tricks, we’ll go through double stops across certain pentatonic scales and frets in this guitar tutorial. We’ve already covered pentatonic scales in the past, but this “little” tweak will give your scales a very different feel.

That’s mainly because these scales will be a little more clumped with two strings at a time (instead of one).

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What’s more, this cool mental exercise on guitar notes will improve your finger precision – something you’ll especially need if you’re into metal and the heavier side of rock.

That’s why I’ll also throw in a couple of twists to add more variety to your double stops, such as giving it a heavier feel, and even a taste of blues guitar.

That’s really what my series of FREE guitar lessons is all about: helping you know way around your instrument. That way, you’ll make your solos even more impressive and seamless.

This wrinkle might feel funny at first since you’ll have to deal with two strings at once. But you’ll get used to it soon enough AND use it to your advantage.

How’s that for a guitar lesson? Go ahead and watch my quick tutorial and give it a go.



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