John Petrucci Majesty Guitar Review!

By on 01/09/2015

There’s nothing better than pulling off a bunch of guitar tricks on a trusty axe. Being a John Petrucci (and Dream Theater) fan, I’ve always looked up to him in terms of technique. He and his band were one of the reasons I wanted to learn how to play guitar, and for good reason. He’s a respected guitar player in the music community because of his hardcore devotion to the art of shredding.

Petrucci is an artist in every sense of the word. When I was still learning guitar chords for beginners back in the day, I consumed every piece of music Dream Theater released. Every time I tried busting out one of his riffs, it felt like I was living his philosophy in some way.

Fast forward to today, here I am reviewing one of the Petrucci signature guitars which is none other than the Majesty. In this mini guitar tutorial, I’ll walk you through the essential features that you need to know about before making that big decision. We’ll cover ergonomics, instrumentation and the other bells and whistles, PLUS one little “hitch”.

I’ll even give you a couple of tips on how to keep this bad boy in prime condition!

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