Easy Guitar Lessons – How To Play With RESOLUTION!

By on 02/06/2015

If you want to make your guitar chords feel “just right”, try a little something called resolution. It’s a basic electric guitar concept which revolves around bringing your guitar notes “back home”.

As you learn how to play guitar, this is something you should apply to give yourself and your listeners that emotional satisfaction. That’s really what resolution is all about – satisfying that need to RESOLVE things, or closing that musical loop, so to speak.

Check it out here:

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Even when it comes to guitar chords for beginners, using resolution will immensely help you sound better in a SHORTER time.

As I’ve said in my other videos, TIME is of the essence when learning guitar notes, guitar scales or just learning how to play the guitar in general. So, you need to cram every bit of learning into each moment you have that precious instrument in your hands.

In this guitar lesson, you’ll get to try out an exercise to make you better at wrapping things up nice and neat and give that feeling of closure.

Remember, you can apply resolution in different contexts, such as with metal or progressive stuff. However, this exercise will start you off with the basics first, and then you can do this for all the pentatonic positions.

We’ll also get into a certain guitar theory to help you understand resolution better. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to incorporate these guitar tricks into your solos, creating a satisfying listening experience for everyone.



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