Easy Guitar Lessons – Tapping Harmonics

By on 02/11/2015

Today’s lesson is all about tapping harmonics and how it can help you understand the guitar better. Getting a handle on this technique is a big part of mastering the electric guitar.

Ever since Eddie Van Halen and his mastery of tapping burst into the scene, anyone who ever wanted to learn to play guitar made it a point to study this technique.

So if you want to learn guitar, it’s worth your while to wrap your mind (and fingers) around the beauty of tapping harmonics. It’s the staple of many musicians, and you’ll benefit from it as well.

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But my guitar lessons for beginners aren’t just about imitating the Guitar Gods. Though it’s vital to learn guitar tricks such as tapping harmonics, you’ll also need to apply it in a way that makes you unique – and not just a clone of other guitarists.

That’s why you should know how to learn guitar the RIGHT way. So, this exercise involves “tapping out” the different pentatonic scales which will help you break out into your own distinct style.

By branching out your knowledge of guitar chords for beginners AND tapping them out, you’ll learn guitar in a way that makes you a well-rounded musician.

Knowing how to play the guitar is one thing – completely knowing your way around the instrument is another. This is what my online guitar lessons aim to help you with.

In this video, you’ll not just learn how to position your left hand properly, you’ll also visualize the fretboard “twice”.

Remember, you’re not just picking with your right hand in this exercise. Your right hand’s tapping position needs to match where your left hand is pressing down on the fretboard.

That way, you’ll learn to coordinate two pictures of the same position. How cool is that?

As with my other free guitar lessons, do the tapping harmonics in every possible position and key to give you a good, overall grasp of the fretboard.



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