Easy Guitar Lessons (Video) – 16 Most IMPORTANT Notes You’ll Ever Learn

By on 02/16/2015

Aside from mastering guitar chords, you’ll also NEED to learn the ONE scale to effectively play the guitar. There’s no way around NOT learning this CRUCIAL electric guitar lesson.

When I was learning how to play guitar back when I was younger, I realized that other guitarists (EVEN the famous ones) have NEVER gotten past this ESSENTIAL piece of guitar theory.

These notes are deceptively simple, but they need to be part of your training if you want to REALLY step up your game.

This latest video in my series of online guitar lessons will cover the pentatonic position you ABSOLUTELY must know. However, that’s not all you’re going to learn in this guitar tutorial.

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I’ll also teach you how to EXTEND these scales to give your playing a dash of blues guitar as well as rock guitar.

So we’ll basically take that first pentatonic position which, I mentioned earlier, is the ESSENTIAL scale to master in order to learn guitar EFFECTIVELY.

Even if you’re not going to focus on lead guitar, this is STILL indispensable as you study guitar for beginners. After all, this exercise is extremely effective in busting out those riffs.

Other online guitar lessons might focus on other non-essential stuff, but my video will show you a number of various ways to go through the scale, like skipping strings (which you’ll watch in this lesson).

But I don’t want to stop there. Learning how to play a guitar is all about expanding your skills, so you’ll also find out how to add on a bunch of other notes to really make your scales workable.

PLUS, we’ll go through the different octaves on a certain note, so you can stretch them out even further. That’ll give your pentatonic scales a blues and rock twist.

So the point of this exercise to add notes within your scales – you’ll gain better flexibility and added range as you move within a scale.

Other guitarists are too “locked in” to a specific set of strings and don’t know how to slide around.

But not YOU.

With my help, you’ll step into a whole OTHER world of guitar tricks that other guitar players don’t even know about.

In other words, you’ll learn how to play the guitar like NO ONE else.

Have fun with the exercises and enjoy upgrading your guitar skills to the highest possible level!



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