Easy Guitar Lessons (VIDEO) – How to Play Like Eddie Van Halen

By on 03/10/2015

In this video, you’ll learn how to play like the legendary Eddie Van Halen.¬†Finding your own style is part of learning how to play guitar. But to do that, sometimes you need to look to the greats like ol’ Eddie. That’s why the guitar tricks in this video are all about Eddie’s tremolo picking:

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EVH is known for his wailing technique that’s probably been covered in many other guitar lessons for beginners – but not like this. Carlos will cover how to go up and down the pentatonic scale like Eddie does, PLUS add in a couple of twists to spice things up!

That way, you can “drag and drop” this tremolo picking method into your unique playing style to set you further apart from the other guys learning how to play a guitar. Give this video a go and start practicing those drills TODAY!



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