EVH Striped Series Review – Easy Guitar Lesson Video

By on 03/18/2015

In this video, I’ll be doing a EVH Striped Series review to give you a detailed rundown of the features and benefits of this bad boy.

There are few axes with a pattern as iconic as Eddie Van Halen’s line of guitars, and this one is no exception:

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Growing up with Van Halen’s music was one of the reasons why I wanted to learn how to play guitar, especially because of Eddie’s signature style.

While my overall rating of this guitar is great, don’t buy it to sound like ol’ Eddie. The first thing I learned about playing electric guitar is that the true sound of any guitarist comes from your mastery of the instrument – and not the guitar itself.

Generally, I found it easy to bust out some guitar tricks with this good-looking axe. The EVH Striped Series has a nice weight and feel to it, but there are a couple of things to watch out for.

But it’s nothing to worry about; just check out my video to take care of those minor hiccups. While it’s not exactly a guitar for beginners, I still highly recommend it.



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