How To Play like Metallica! Easy Guitar Lesson Video

By on 03/26/2015

Metallica is the reason why most guys picked up the electric guitar, and I’ll show you how to play like them in this video:

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Knowing how to play guitar is all about learning the basic musical building blocks, such as the rhythm section. Sure, Metallica (and Kirk Hammett) are famous for their face-melting solos, but rhythm is the backbone of their sound – along with any band for that matter.

It’s what makes them who they are, so my video will help you master that essential aspect of their playing to get that Metallica feel.

James Hetfield is known for his tight precision – you’ll need to learn this if you want know how to play the guitar like Metallica. That’s why I’ll break down their chord structure in a simple but effective exercise in my latest series of online guitar lessons.

Once you master these guitar tricks, you’ll tighten up your playing, and create all sorts of intricate thrash metal riffs.

Those who know how to play the guitar understand that it’s not just about tone or distortion – it’s how well you handle your instrument.



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