Guitar Lesson Video – Two Hand Speed Sync

By on 04/15/2015

Here’s an awesome electric guitar riff and a powerful exercise rolled into one to help you play as fast the Guitar Gods you worship!

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to coordinate both your hands – especially your left one. If you want to learn how to play guitar the right way, you have to make sure your left hand can easily shift speeds seamlessly AND accurately.

Otherwise, your left hand won’t be able to keep up and you’ll lag behind. My new video will show you how to efficiently switch between guitar scales, positions and frets by using a lick I developed to accelerate your playing to crazy fast levels.

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It’s a neat little alternate picking exercise to get you warmed up and coordinated in no time. At first, this exercise will sound like a pretty basic one – that is, until you pick up enough speed.

After just a few runs, you’ll immediately notice how good you sound and be amazed by how much ground you’ve covered in a short time!

Check out the guitar tricks in the video and learn how to blaze through the different diatonic scales and strings. This will give you the momentum to tear through the more complicated stuff later on.

Remember, it’s all about building the proper FOUNDATIONS – this is the best way to learn guitar for beginners.

I’ll help you do this in as LITTLE time as possible to maximize your practice sessions. Like they say, time is money, so you’d better do everything you can to streamline your playing!



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