How to Play Like Yngwie Malmsteen – Beginner Guitar Lesson Video!

By on 04/02/2015

In my latest series of online guitar lessons, you’ll learn how to play like the electric guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen. As you know, he’s one of the early pioneers who fused rock with classical guitar, creating a whole new sound.

Playing the diminished scale is one of the key components of his mind-blowing style, and we’ll go through some exercises to pull it off. Learning how to play the guitar this way is surprisingly easy, and I’ll show how to quickly integrate some key guitar tricks to add a little neoclassical spice into your technique.

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This guitar lesson video starts with doing some pentatonic riffs – then, you’ll learn how to transform that into the neoclassical style of the diminished scale.

Once you start doing these cool drills, you’ll quickly get a feel of the scale, build up your playing to lightning-fast levels, AND gain the ability to sound like Yngwie – all while retaining your unique musical identity.



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