Proper Guitar Posture – Guitar Video Lesson

By on 04/10/2015

Let’s take a little break from the guitar tricks and licks and talk about something that also needs your attention. Proper guitar posture is just important as your technique because the way you position your body and fingers affects your playing in a big way.

It’s one of the basics of learning how to play the guitar – in this guitar tutorial, I’ll teach you exactly how to position your arm, wrist and fingers so you avoid major problems in the future. While sorting out guitar scales and guitar chords is just as essential, posture is something you CAN’T AFFORD to skip.

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You might see more experienced players holding their axes in every which direction, but you need to ask yourself if that’s the most practical thing to do while *practicing*.

If you’re playing live and in front of a crowd, adding a little style certainly doesn’t hurt.

However, when you’re playing at home and going through online guitar lessons like these though, you’re 100% likely to benefit in the long-term by learning how to play a guitar correctly through good posture.

Getting used to holding your guitar in certain ways can result in different kinds of injuries, all of which I’ll tell you about in this video guitar tutorial.

Also, you’ll learn how to get ready for practice the right way to prevent any further physical problems.

Remember, your time is important, so it only makes sense to get the most out of EVERY MINUTE when you practice!



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