Upgrade Your Sweep Picking Skills!

By on 04/23/2015

In this video, you’ll learn a great muscle memory building exercise if you’re at the beginner level and need help with your electric guitar foundations.

By sweep picking correctly from the start, you’ll quickly learn how to play guitar the right way. Sorting out the necessary skills as early as NOW makes it easier to tackle the advanced stuff later on:

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You don’t want to be like a lot of the other guitar players out there with bad sweep picking habits. Good, solid playing isn’t just about pulling off guitar tricks – my online guitar lessons will help tighten up your playing and keep you from getting off-track.

That’s why I’ll teach you how to sweep pick through all your strings seamlessly WITHOUT making the typical bouncing mistake that other guys do.

So, you’ll also learn how to avoid skipping strings because it’ll throw off your rhythm and make you sound clunky. With my help, you’ll keep your playing fluid as you go up and down the strings.

Better yet, you’ll develop an instinctive feel of going through the strings so it becomes second nature to you. In the long run, this basic drill will give your overall guitar skills a serious boost!

However, this video isn’t just about guitar for beginners – my guitar tutorial is even MORE effective if you’re an intermediate or experienced player.

Sometimes, you need to go back and relearn the basic stuff to make sure your current technique is on the RIGHT track.

Here’s the thing: Some of the most respected musicians in the world re-visit their fundamental skill sets and reinforce it by re-learning what they ALREADY know.

The exercise in this video will help you do just that, and the nifty part is that you can do it even when you’re in front of the TV!

How cool is that? After all, you’ve got enough going on in your life, so you need to make EVERY minute count as you learn how to play guitar!



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