How To Play Like Paul Gilbert…Playing Like Eddie Van Halen (Guitar Video Lesson)

By on 05/06/2015

Today, you’ll learn the electric guitar basics of tap sliding and how it can help you become an even more impressive musician. But first, a little background…

“What if you could play like Paul Gilbert…playing like Eddie Van Halen?” That question popped in my head while I was working on this beginner guitar lesson video.

Eddie wasn’t the first one to use the now-famous tapping technique. However, he did change the face of guitar solos everywhere with the way he made it part of his unique style.

So, I imagined what it would be like if good ol’ Eddie played Paul Gilbert’s iconic riff from Mr. Big’s ‘Green-Tinted Sixties Mind’ – and this video on how to play guitar is the result of that.

Once you learn the theory behind this opening riff, you’ll permanently etch the important visual patterns into your memory, including pentatonics, diatonics and arpeggios! It’s the best way to open up tons of ‘real estate’ on your fretboard and make you as flexible as the guitar gods!

Of course, you’re going to learn all that in my video, so try out this quick but information-packed guitar lesson!

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We’ll run through the ‘Green-Tinted’ riff exercise and learn tap sliding along the way. Other online guitar lessons for beginners don’t teach this excellent technique, but I will – in the easiest way possible!

We’ll tap slide through different positions (like the E string and pentatonic boxes!) in a way that sounds polished and seamless. This will tighten up your playing and give your sound that ‘slick’, polished feel.

As you keep doing this highly effective exercise, you’ll naturally pick up your playing speed and sound even better than before! Go ahead and check out this video – you’ll easily add another set of skills to your collection of guitar tricks.



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