Pentatonic Penetration – Easy Guitar Lesson!

By on 05/04/2015

Want to crack the mystery of the pentatonic boxes and improve your electric guitar skills? Then check out this easy guitar lesson video on visualizing the pentatonic scales and easily connect them in your head.

Knowing how to play guitar the RIGHT way is the key to make your playing seamless and technique smoother. Studying theory is important, but it won’t matter much if you’re clunky.

In my latest episode of guitar lessons for beginners, we’ll do a quick review of the pentatonic scale and boxes right before jumping into the meat of the matter.

So, this guitar tutorial will show you how to connect those boxes, make you twice as flexible and give your skills a serious upgrade!

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Imagine how cool it would be to effortlessly zip in and out of the pentatonic boxes and scales without even thinking about it. Guitar tricks are one thing – tight, solid skills are something else entirely.

If you want to learn how to play guitar in the most EFFICIENT way, you need to squeeze as much learning as possible into every minute. Exercises like these will help you do just that.

Click that video and get started!



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